What Is Blood pressure?


Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.

Normal resting blood pressure in an adult is approximately 120 millimeters of mercury (16 kPa) systolic, and 80 millimeters of mercury (11 kPa) diastolic, abbreviated “120/80 mmHg”.

How Is Blood Pressure Measured?

A doctor or nurse can measure your pressure with a tiny low gauge hooked up to associate degree expansive cuff. It’s easy and painless.

The person taking your pressure wraps the cuff around your higher arm. Some cuffs go round the forearm or wrist, however, usually, they don’t seem to be as correct.

Your doctor or nurse can use a medical instrument to concentrate on the blood moving through your artery.

She’ll inflate the cuff to a pressure above your heartbeat pressure, and it’ll tighten around your arm. Then she’ll unharness it. Because the cuff deflates, the primary sound she hears through the medical instrument is that the heartbeat pressure. It appears like a whooshing noise. the purpose wherever this noise goes away marks the pulsation pressure.

In a pressure reading, the heartbeat range forever comes initial, so the pulsation range. as an example, your numbers could also be “120 over 80” or written as 120/80.

 Blood pressure categories

 The five blood pressure ranges as recognized by the American Heart Association are:

Normal blood pressure

Congratulations on having pressure levela} numbers that are among the traditional (optimal) vary of but 120/80 pressure unit. maintain the nice work and follow wholesome habits like following a diet and obtaining regular exercise.


Elevated blood pressure is once readings are systematically starting from 120-129 beat and fewer than eighty pressure unit pulse. individuals with elevated pressure levela} square measure possible to develop high force per unit area unless steps are taken to regulate it.

Hypertension Stage one

Hypertension Stage one is once force per unit area is systematically starting from 130-139 beat or 80-89 pressure unit pulse. At this stage of high force per unit area, doctors square measure possible to impose modus vivendi changes and will think about adding force per unit area medication supported your risk of induration of the arteries upset (ASCVD) like attack or stroke.

Hypertension Stage two

Hypertension Stage a pair of is once force per unit area is systematically travel at levels of 140/90 pressure unit or higher. At this stage of high force per unit area, doctors square measure possible to impose a mix of force per unit area medications at the side of modus vivendi changes.

Hypertensive crisis

This is once high force per unit area needs medical attention.If your force per unit area readings suddenly exceeds 180/120 pressure unit, wait 5 minutes and check once more. If your readings square measure still unco high, contact your doctor directly. you may be experiencing a hypertensive crisis. If your force per unit area is beyond 180/120 pressure unit and you’re experiencing signs of potential organ injury like pain, shortness of breath, back pain, numbness/weakness, modification in vision, issue speaking, don’t wait to examine if your pressure comes down on its own.


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