Heart Failure

What is Heart Failure?

Heart Failure makes it sound like dangerous & thet heart is no longer working at all & there is nothing that can be done. Truly, heart failure means that the heart is not pumping as well a noemal heart. Congestive heart failure is a category of heart failure which requires looking for timely medical attention, all though sometimes the 2 terms are used interchangeably.

Human bodys are depends on the heart’s pumping action to deliver oxygen- & nutrient-rich blood to the body’s cells. When the cells are nourished correctly, the body can function normally ok.

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Never Ignore These 7 Heart Symptoms

Chest discomfort or pain

It’s the most common sign of heart danger. If you have a blocked artery or are having a heart attack, you may feel pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest.
“Everyone has a different word for that feeling,” Chambers says. “Some people say it’s like an elephant is sitting on them. Other people say it’s like a pinching or burning.”
The feeling usually lasts longer than a few minutes. It may happen when you’re at rest or when you’re doing something physical.

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10 Great Hair Care Tips

if you watch the tabloids, you know that even the stars have bad hair days. It just seems that when the professional stylists are out of the picture, it is inherently human to have a less than glamorous mane. But you can do your part to stay ahead of the battle by following these great tips for hair care.

1. Use a professional conditioner that is formulated for your specific hair type. While you can skimp a little on the shampoo, a good, professional conditioner is a must have. Look for products in salons that are customized for your hair type. For instance: If you have color or a perm, choose a conditioner that is for chemically processed hair. And stay away from those all-in-one shampoo and conditioner combos.

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